Egypt – Nile Discovery Tour

Name of City/Destination: Egypt
Name of Tour: 8 Day Nile Discovery
Tour Duration: 8 days
Tour Description: This is a fabulous tour that will pack in all the best sights of Egypt, you get to check off all the bucket list things like seeing the Pyramids, the Sphinx, gazing at Mummies, riding along the Nile on a five star cruise as well as a traditional Felucca ride and dance party/drum circle with the boat operators!
You start off in Cairo with your amazing hosts, I have to say TopDeck really has an amazing guide with Medo. Most if not all the tour guides have backgrounds in Egyptology, so you’re not only seeing and experiencing this amazing country, you are actually learning about the kings, queens and events that happened thousands of years ago! SO worth it. Day one, BOOM Pyramids! Which are even cooler in real life, with the option of going into one ($), then you’re off to the Sphinx.
After this there is an overnight coach to Aswan where we drive through the desert and have some Tourist Police escorts (a must for traveling in certain areas). We boarded our five-star Nile cruise where every night they had a delicious buffet meal and our first night we experienced a real belly dancer!
Each day we were treated to phenomenal ancient Egyptian temples or ruins. In Aswan, my highlight was waking up at 3:30AM (worth it) to trek to Abu Simble, a huge temple carved into the side of the mountain with the Queen’s twin (albeit smaller) temple to the side. Then we were off to Edfu and we saw another awe inspiring temple, this is also the day we shopped in the market and had a fun Egyptian dance party on the cruise ship.
Our longest day was when we went to the Valley of the Kings… which is a MUST-SEE. TopDeck really takes you to all the hot spots! This is the mountainous valley in Luxor where over 30 Egyptian kings are buried in tombs of varying impressiveness. You even get to go into the famous King Tut’s! Then we head to Hatshephut’s temple which is gorgeous, and then ended of in Luxor and Karnak temples, which are the second largest open air museum with various structures and vibrant colours that are eons old!
After this we were back to Cairo on our coach and were taken to the ancient Saqqara steps (yes, even older than the Pyramids), the second oldest man made structure on Earth. We had a lovely last night dining at TGIFriday’s (very Egyptian I know 😉 ). Then we were taken to our transfers and TopDeck took care of us from touchdown to take off.
If you want to opt in for the optionals ($$) you can do a camel ride, hot air balloon over the Valley of the Kings and visit the amazing Philae temple that has been rebuilt from underwater onto an island (boat ride included).
Important Tip! I would recommend May as the latest into the season to go as it is HOT. You need to hydrate. Also, living and hygiene standards are very different from Canada so traveling here can be culture shock for some as well out of people’s comfort zones – but once again, it is SO worth it. Also, nothing, NOTHING in Egypt is free, so you have to haggle and haggle HARD!
Type of Vehicle: We had a large overnight coach and then a fabulous 5 Star Nile Cruise (Blue Shadow).
I would say this is for the more adventurous/youth type and the overnight coach can be hard on some but I highly recommend a tour group as Egypt is a country that would be hard to do on your own and TopDeck takes you to all the great spots, has an amazing guide, and I felt safe the entire time! Some of the sights we saw we required a tourist police escort so that would be hard to arrange on your own, as well it was so handy to have someone actually from Cairo with us and all our accommodations were lovely. 
Thank you Topdeck Travel!

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