Favourite Country: Colombia

Desitnation: Colombia

Destination city: Bogota, Medellin, Tayrona Park/Santa Marta, Cartagena


Flight duration: 6.5 hours from the East Coast
Destination description: Colombia is my favourite country… so far. It is a rich landscape full of biodiversity, different cities all offering rich cultural experiences and the country itself is so diverse. From its people to its locales, you can get anything you want there. And the people… they are something special!
Colombians are the kindest and most welcoming people ever, they are more than ready to welcome you into their lives and take you around and are so glad you there to check out their amazing country. Also, don’t be afraid! This place is safe.
It is also the next upcoming hot spot in South America with tour companies like Intrepid going from 1 tour last year to 3. Highly recommended as you will fall in love like I did!
I visited multiple cities:
Bogota – Stayed at a hostel in La Candeleria, this is the University area, it is also a huge city with multiple neighbourhoods. There are fabulous museums here and the street art is incomparable.  I came with a girlfriend for the estereo Picnic Festival which is a great festival in the mountains.
Medellin – a fast paced city that you have to drive through mountainous valleys to get through, this is like Miami with its incomparable nightlife. This city was made famous by Pablo Escobar but don’t worry it is safe! Highly recommended to stay in El Poblado, parties all happen here and great shopping and food.
You have to do a day trip to Guatape and climb the world’s second largest rock for the best views!
(Restaurant recommendation: Verdeo) 
Stayed at: many hostels but I would recommend the Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel above all
Santa Marta – You can fly direct here from Medellin and take a collectif or taxi, I stayed at a beautiful eco hostel in the middle of the Sierra Nevada mountains which you should definitely check out: Finca Carpe Diem
Tayrona Park this is my favourite place on Earth. You had to go through a relatively easy 2 hour hike (also possible to hire horses) to get to the beach where we camped out and also slept on hammocks overlooking the sea. This is a huge national park in Colombia with so many different biospheres. If you’ve ever wanted to see Jurassic Park this is it! (Tip: there is a restaurant on location but no ATMs as this is a national park so bring CASH)
Stayed at: Local place, either tents or hammocks
Cartagena: This is likely where you will send your clients as the resorts are here and the city is colourful, full of nightlife and an Afro-Caribbean influenced culture and colonial architecture. Rosario Islands is A MUST. The beaches and food here are wonderful! Best to get around in most of these places is Uber, otherwise collectifs or taxis. I stayed at hostels so I am sorry no hotel recommendations.
Stayed at Hostel Papaya Getsemani in Cartagena
Stayed on Isla Grande at the Golden Frog Hostel
Let me know if you have any questions, this country is seriously a MUST-VISIT!

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